Lie In Ruins – Toward Divine Death (Review)

Lie In RuinsAmbitious Death Metal from Finland; Toward Divine Death contains over 70 minutes of music and is not for the uninitiated.

Grasping the fundamentals of hyper-speed blasting and also rhythmic pounding, the songs proceed to brutalise the senses using all of the various tools in the Death Metal arsenal.

The songs are long but fully engaging. This is not an “instant-hit” band, and all the better for it. The songs take their time in their battery, ensuring that you enjoy them purely on their terms.

The vocals are low-down in the mix and sound completely inhuman. They are used as another instrument and complement the music rather than being the focal point.

Lie In Ruins play their Death Metal fast, dark and sinister, and when they do slow down they sound absolutely colossal. Their uncompromising vision is realised across these 9 tracks of aggressive Metal and culminates in the final, 11-minute epic Of Darkness and Blackened Fire.

A lengthy but rewarding album, this is well worth the investment if you take the time to let it absorb you.

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