Perdition Winds – Transcendent Emptiness (Review)

Perdition WindsPerdition Winds are a black metal band from Finland and this is their second album.

Featuring members of Desolate Shrine, Lie in Ruins, Sargeist, and Corpsessed, this is the follow up to 2014’s enjoyable Aura of Suffering.

On this latest album the band unleash 50 minutes of orthodox black metal that’s lethally composed and delivered with acidic venom.

The songs are harsh and unforgiving, blasting forth with furious hatred and reckless disregard for the damage they cause in their wake. Sharp and cold, this is music that’s influenced by the second wave and wastes no time with anything else other than a pure, unsullied worship of the blackness.

Perdition Winds know their art well, and Transcendent Emptiness has more to offer the listener than simple speed and aggression. Dark, esoteric melodies occasionally weave in and out of the blackened distortion as the band ply their occult trade. Mood-driven atmospheric sections appear here and there, adding texture and depth to the band’s performance.

Different paces and speeds are used effectively across the album, from full-speed blasting hatred, to slow, malevolent crawls, with plenty of mid-paced blackened groove in between.

The singer’s performance is primarily that of a traditional, high pitched shriek, although deathgrowls and other vocals are used here and there for variety. Overall the vocals are strongly delivered throughout the songs.

Transcendent Emptiness is a more than worthy successor to Aura of Suffering, and I definitely recommend that you give this album a listen if you’re a follower of the blackened paths.

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