Tactus – Bending Light (Review)

TactusTactus are a Canadian progressive metal band and this is their debut album.

Well it soon becomes obvious that this band know a thing or two about how to play their instruments. This is modern progressive heavy metal that has plenty of technicality and a djent influence.

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Prospekt – The Colourless Sunrise (Review)

ProspektProspekt play Progressive Metal from the UK and this is their d├ębut album.

The band are heavier than most of this ilk, and it serves them well. A tight, modern production brings out the shine in them and they play with skill and precision. All of the instruments are punchy and crisp.

I think I detect a bit of a Djent influence in some of the guitar riffs as well. Not overly so, but it’s there nonetheless, adding a certain something extra without becoming overpowering and generic, as Djent so easily can.

The musicianship is exemplary throughout and there are some blinding solos flying around.

These are enjoyable songs that have a glut of ideas and flourishes across the 9 tracks. Most of the songs are on the longer side, as befits a Progressive band, but they never lose their way or become meandering or dull.

The singer has a fluid, melodic voice that can compete with the best that Power Metal has to offer. His vocals slide across the Metallic riffs and keyboard embellishments like liquid light.

This is an album to encapsulate the listener; one you can quite easily sit back, listen to and enjoy the meaty riffs, melodic vocals and crisp atmospheres that the band produce.

Top work, especially for a first album. A bright future dawns.