Tactus – Bending Light (Review)

TactusTactus are a Canadian progressive metal band and this is their debut album.

Well it soon becomes obvious that this band know a thing or two about how to play their instruments. This is modern progressive heavy metal that has plenty of technicality and a djent influence.

As I always say; in a lot of ways a band like this lives or dies on the quality of their singer. Here, the vocalist of Tactus does himself proud. He has a strong, clear clean voice that survives the complex music well. Deep shouts are also used for extra impact, adding an extra dimension of aggression to the music. The delivery is effectively shared between the harsh shouts and clean singing, making for an inviting listen overall.

The music is a combination of djent, technical metal and progressive metal, played in a modern style that speaks of a combination of bands like Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, Prospekt, Intervals and Protest the Hero.

With a powerful and modern production that shines with a gleaming, newly polished sheen, the music has all of the setting it needs to impress, and impress it does.

Technical ability is one thing, but there’s more than just that on Bending Light. Here is a band with the ability to channel these technical skills into actual songs, and the tracks on this album largely hit the spot. It’s 60 minutes long, but it’s the mark of a good album that the attention doesn’t waver and Bending Light is an easy listen, despite the sometimes non-standard and technical pathways that the band so competently tread.

This really is a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging listen. It’s well-written and well-performed, and if you’re into the modern style that they play then there’s a lot to engage and captivate on this release.

Highly recommended.

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