Omnivore – Omnivore (Review)

OmnivoreThe intro alone gets the blood pumping and really builds expectations for the first track Dead. These Italians play an Old-School Thrash/Death Metal hybrid and wield an artisan’s knowledge of both genres to create a Thrash-heavy release with a rabid Death Metal core. Dead thunders out of the speakers and the expectations are met.

The bass is quite prominent on this album and it’s a very welcome change from most bands – it lends another level of sound to these thrashing monsters of songs. So here we have all of the ingredients of a great album – audible bass; galloping riffs; relentless drumming; shredding solos; dynamics; memorable songs; Thrash Mania!

The vocalist presumably has a side-job of stripping paint, as he certainly sounds capable with his Old-School Death rasping.

It’s like the last couple of decades or so didn’t happen; this is of the time of the classic Thrash and Death greats and even boasts a production sound similar to that era. Old-School this may be but this kind of Metal will never die so it’s right that there are bands out there still producing Thrash/Death of this calibre.

Oh, and did I mention they cover Sepultura’s Arise…?

If you like your Thrash pounding with a heavy dose of Death then Omnivore are for you.

Countess – Sermons of the Infidel (Review)

CountessWhoa! When the first track Hymn to the Gods of Yore starts you immediately sit up and take notice! This veteran Black Metal band from the Netherlands know how to make an entrance!

This is an insanely catchy release, especially for this genre. There’s a strong Old-School, NWOBHM feel to a lot of the riffs and the songs in general; combined with the raspy vocals and the heavy keyboards the songs just melt in your mouth and saturate the brain.

There is a simplicity of songwriting to these songs that is a testament to how good they are – no nonsense or filler, just pure Metal. It puts me in mind of what Reverend Bizarre might sound like if they worshipped at the altar of, (NWOBHM-influenced), Black Metal instead of Doom. Maybe some form of unholy mix of Reverend Bizarre and Sigh…? Maybe with a dash of The Meads of Asphodel…? Hmm…Either way it’s straightforward, but well-written and effective. And massively fun and satisfying.

The vocals are highly distinctive; Black Metal they may be but they seem to be competing for the role of the Devils Own Croak. Very good show!

I can’t help but listen to this and smile. It’s near-impossible not to. If you include this as part of some random playlist you’ll notice that Countess stand out straight away. The band may have been around for over two decades now but they’re still a much-needed force to reckon with. Give them a listen and prepare to be hooked.