Azziard – Metempsychose (Review)

AzziardAzziard are a black metal band from France and this is their third album.

Featuring ex-members of The Negation and Insain, this is 52 minutes of uncompromising black metal. It’s great to hear more from the band after their very enjoyable split with Nirnaeth, and I’m quite happy now that I have a full album of their material to absorb the negative vibes from. Continue reading “Azziard – Metempsychose (Review)”

Insain – Enlightening the Unknown (Review)

InsainFrench band Insain play Brutal Death Metal.

Sadly they are no longer with us, but even with only a small number of releases they have left a powerful legacy and an enduring mark on the face of French Death Metal.

Their first album Spiritual Rebirth was a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying listen in the way that only the best Death Metal can be. Now with this final EP we’ll never know the heights they might have ascended to, but we are left with a new release that meets and even exceeds the standards set with their début.

The sound is huge and immense, like heightened gravity crushing down on you. The songs blast and bruise with the best of them, making full use of the sonic clarity to batter and beat you into submission.

The drums sound especially meaty. Double bass sections twist and turn with the guitars while blast beats overpower everything in sight by sheer force of inertia.

The deep grunting vocals are highlighted by the occasional scream and are utterly relentless and unforgiving in their delivery.

Although this is Brutal Death Metal the band are not adverse to injecting a bit of lonesome melody into the mix; a lead here, a solo there. It all adds a splash of colour to the brutality and demonstrates why Insain are so good at what they do. Or were, at least.

At 25 minutes in length there is no chance for it to get old, and every chance for savage aural pleasure. If only there was more where this came from! A must have.