Azziard – Nirnaeth – Dramatis Personae – Split (Review)

Azziard NirnaethThis is a split between two French black metal bands.

Azziard are the first band to show what they can do, and they contribute a near-six minute long war-themed track named Unus Mundus.

Azziard play their black metal dark and evil, full of sharp riffs and even sharper melodies.

The singer rasps and screams his way alongside the relentless blast beats and heartless riffing, showing off his daemonic lungs with fiery abandon.

The band have a good grasp of what makes an enjoyable black metal song, with enough melody to keep things interesting, without going too far overboard.

With some good songwriting and a clean, professional sound, Azziard have put forth a strong song for their half of this release.

After Azziard we turn to Nirnaeth. Their track is named Nihil in Me and is just over 4 minutes in length.

Starting from a similar aural standpoint as Azziard, Nirnaeth ditch the war influences and instead incorporate some slight elements of thrash metal into their sound.

Like Azziard, this track also features good songwriting and a clean, professional sound. Once again we get some enjoyable melodies that aren’t overstated, and some dark riffs that cut like ice.

Locking into a good groove is something that Nirnaeth know how to do too, and this is ably demonstrated near the latter part of the song, before the scything blast beats start up once more.

Both bands have done themselves proud on this split release, and should definitely be on your list to check out.

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