Redemption – I Am the Storm (Review)

Redemption - I Am the StormThis is the eighth album from Redemption, a progressive metal band from the US.

Following up 2016’s The Art of Loss and 2018’s Long Night’s Journey into Day, Redemption now return with 55 minutes of new material, (71 minutes including a remix and covers of Genesis and Peter Gabriel songs), on I Am the Storm.

Redemption have a rich, heavy sound on I Am the Storm, and they use it well to showcase their strong and engaging songwriting. Within the band’s progressive metal framework lie elements of power, melodic, heavy, and thrash metal, all of which contribute to their powerful sound.

Through melodic strengths and progressive workouts Redemption have crafted one of their most charismatic and enjoyable releases. The songs are diverse and full of personality, not to mention soaring vocals, emotive hooks, and memorable ideas. All of the instruments are immaculately played, and the singer’s strong vocals are wonderfully performed throughout. Redemption are professional and passionate, and I Am the Storm is a sterling collection of tracks.

Very highly recommended.


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