Azaghal – Alttarimme on Luista Tehty (Review)

Azaghal - Alttarimme on Luista TehtyThis is the twelfth album from Finnish black metallers Azaghal.

Alttarimme on Luista Tehty contains 38 minutes of black metal. With a few twists and turns, it manages to embody the band’s old-school heart, while also offering something out of the ordinary. I was excited to hear this, and I have not been disappointed.

Azahgal play their black metal fast, furious, and with acidic venom. It may be the classic style at its blasphemous core, but the band deliver it with such character and personality that it instantly grabs you. Azahgal have an easy mastery of sinister riffs and eerie melodies, making for very enjoyable songs that sparkle with grim black magicks.

The guitars are a spectral force in the music, and are one of Alttarimme on Luista Tehty‘s many highlights. Azahgal manage to pack such a phalanx of weighty emotions, moods, and ideas into the various riffs and rhythms that they seem to come alive with malevolent life. These songs are captivating and atmospheric, while still able to rage and tear through their running time with scathing intensity.

This is an album of well-written music that provides the listener with a rich blackened whirlwind of refined chaos, directed violence, and a surprising amount of melodic and atmospheric depth. Each song has its own strengths, and Alttarimme on Luista Tehty is impressive throughout. Azahgal are a creative force to be reckoned with, and there’s a level of sophistication here amidst the carnage that’s a pleasure to explore.

Alttarimme on Luista Tehty is not completely an album of classic black metal, as Azahgal have other influences in their repertoire to call upon. These include black ‘n’ roll elements that raise their heads here and there,(Kultti being a prime example of this), as well as some death metal muscle that’s skilfully injected where called for, (various riffs, and the thick, heavy guitar tone). Both add to the album’s identity, with the rock aspects in particular cause for some interesting creative surprises on occasion. Indeed, Alttarimme on Luista Tehty walks down many unexpected paths as it rampages through its running time. One example of many might be the dreamy psychedelia of Myrkkyä‘s ending, or the semi-clean vocals of Syvyydestä Liekkien Takaa.

Speaking of vocals, Azahgal also have a new singer on this record, and he makes his mark in no uncertain terms. His voice is scathing and merciless, his dark screams and harsh bark a great fit for the band. His performance I can’t fault, and his quality levels are a match for the rest of the music’s high standards.

On their twelfth album Azaghl show no signs of slowing down, quite the opposite in fact. They have kept things fresh and vibrant with their engaging and rewarding take on black metal. Alttarimme on Luista Tehty is a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for fans of the blackened arts.

Essential listening.


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