Bosco Sacro – Gem (Review)

Bosco Sacro - GemBosco Sacro are an Italian doom band and this is their debut album.

Inspired by the awe of the natural world, Gem is a 32-minute journey into textured darkness and emotive sound.

Bosco Sacro play what you might term as ambient doomgaze, at least of a sort. Gem mixes and matches a range of different influences, (including doom, shoegaze, ambient, darkwave, and trip hop), to produce music that’s slow and moody. The songs are richly atmospheric and layered with emotion. Every second of Gem ripples with expressive feeling; the album casts a dreamlike spell on the listener, immersing them in the band’s world while the music entrances and absorbs.

The songs are bleak and gloomy, with a sorrowful romantic feel to them. Sumptuously dark and sinuously soft soundscapes are propelled by sombre percussion. Opulent vocals crest the top of the music’s glacial waves, providing an impassioned performance that’s powerfully delivered with variety and presence by a singer who is clearly comfortable with what her voice can do.

Gem is soft of breath and delicate of touch. It’s an experience that gradually unfolds its lengthy shadows the more you are exposed to its depths. Gem is a rare flower that blooms with mournful life for a brief period in the light, before the darkness swallows it up once more.

Bosco Sacro have crafted an emotive journey for listeners of eloquently expressive music.

Highly recommended.


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