Osyron – Momentous (Review)

Osyron - MomentousThis is the third album from Canadian progressive metallers Osyron.

Osyron play a form of progressive metal that takes influence from both old and new. There are elements of classic power and heavy metal, alongside newer, heavier, modern metal influences, (even approaching melodic death metal territories in places). This is a winning combination, and the 55 minutes of Momentous are very enjoyable.

This is well-written music from a band that has an ear for a catchy tune. Osyron know their hooks, and know how to craft them into compelling, satisfying songs. The band are clearly very adept musicians, but use their technical skills in the service of the songs, and not the other way around.

I like the rhythm guitars on this album a great deal. Not only are they heavy and have a decent crunch, but they also carry emotion and feeling well. The band’s heaviness serves them well, although within this much nuance and varied delivery can be found. The songs have so many good riffs and soaring choruses that they’re just a joy to listen to.

The singer’s voice is very strong, and it’s a credit to the rest of the band that they are not overshadowed by his presence. His singing is powerful and emotive, and is capable of expressing a range of different feelings. His harsh vocals, although less used, are as well-performed as his cleans.

With strong melodies, symphonic elements, progressive touches, atmospheric depth, emotive range, and buckets of hooks, Osyron have really impressed. Momentous is a well-rounded and highly enjoyable experience that has much to offer.

Very highly recommended.

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