Defleshed – Grind over Matter (Review)

Defleshed - Grind over MatterThis is the sixth album from Swedish death/thrash metal act Defleshed.

It’s been 17 long years since Defleshed’s last album, but now they’re back with the 34-minute monster that is Grind over Matter. Hang on tight, as you’re in for a wild, but fun ride.

Defleshed assault the listener with 11 pummelling tunes. The music is a death/thrash metal monster, combining the bite of the former with the muscles of the latter.

The well-written songs are violent and aggressive, showcasing the band’s aptitude for crafting catchy death/thrash hymns. Brutal and sharp, the fast-paced music is laced with lethal riffs and murderous rhythms. Each track is a snarling beast of serrated guitars and blasting drums, which is exactly what you’d want from the band.

The album has a very satisfying recording and delivery. The guitars are crunchy and heavy, the drums crisp and precise. The singer spits venom, while the rest of music powers forward with energetic aggression.

Grind over Matter is an easily enjoyable album. Defleshed know exactly what they’re doing with this sort of material and go in for the kill on every last song. If you’re a fan of the fast and thrashy style that Defleshed do so well, then you can’t at all go wrong with Grind over Matter.

Highly recommended.

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