Mo’ynoq – A Place for Ash (Review)

Moynoq - A Place for AshMoynoq are a black metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Filled with pain and anguish, A Place for Ash spends 40 minutes subjecting the listener to a withering barrage of dark, passionate black metal.

Delivering an intense mix of atmosphere and savagery, and benefitting from a depressive black metal influence, A Place for Ash is a vivid and expressive experience.

A Place of Ash is a masterclass in merging seemingly opposed facets into a spellbinding whole. Ferocity and mood collide and Mo’ynoq blend the two into five coherent and well-structured tracks. Harsh dissonance and epic grandeur are uneasy bedfellows, yet conspire freely together. Brutal aggression and bleak atmosphere are fused, making for songs that seem to eat away at both the flesh and the soul.

The band know how to weaponise their potent melodies as the unsettling music crawls into your mind to cause maximum carnage. It’s the subtler aspects that do the most harm though; Mo’ynoq have lots of dangerous riffs and obviously lethal attributes, but the dark, unforgiving atmospheric side of the band is the harshest poison. These songs work their way into your system over time, and when you are finally able to fully appreciate their insidious nature, it’s far too late and they have claimed you for good.

A Place for Ash is the embodiment of abrasive darkness and venomous dread. It’s also an extremely fine slice of black metal art.

Essential listening.

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