Imperathron – Mors est Veritas (Review)

Imperathron - Mors est VeritasImperathron are a blackened death metal band from Chile, and this is their debut album.

Mors est Veritas is a 31-minute powerhouse of hostility and blasting heaviness. With a foundation of death metal of the Hate Eternal variety, Imperathron build on this with blackened structures that recall some of Belphegor‘s work.

The emphasis is on the death metal side of the blackened death metal equation for the most part, although that should not deflect from the importance of Imperathron’s black metal influences. These latter elements are baked into their sound, infecting the brutal death metal with extra emotive depth and a sharp venomous edge.

Imperathron’s death metal core is barbaric and destructive. Paired with blackened atmosphere and sinister mood, the songs combine cruel aggression with an enveloping darkness. Within the whirlwind of brutality that is these six songs, you’ll also find the occasional hint of melody, touch of dissonance, or shadow of doom. None of these are huge parts of the Imperathron experience, but they do enhance it when they appear.

Mors est Veritas is a well-written, satisfying, and enjoyable slab of blackened death metal brutality. It’ll be interesting to see how Imperathron develop, as Mors est Veritas provides them with a good platform to start from.

A recommended listen for fans of ferocious extremity.

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