Monthly Overview – the Best of July 2022

Putting this list together for July’s metal releases was incredibly frustrating, as there were at least nine albums that I really wanted to highlight. For the sake of brevity I’ve kept this number to just six, but hard choices had to be made!

Ashenspire - Hostile Architecture

Ashenspire’s Hostile Architecture is an incredibly impressive work. Filled with atypical sounds and righteous anger, it’s a multifaceted avant-garde post-black metal album that’s striking in its delivery and impact. Essential.

Maul - Seraphic Punishment

Seraphic Punishment introduced me to Maul like a hammer to the face. Riff-heavy, (and just plain heavy), death metal with good songs and killer growls? Sign me up! There’s more here than simple brutality though, and Maul have impressed.

Fellowship - The Saberlight Chronicles

The award for the most joyous and life-affirming power metal album in recent years must surely go to Fellowship. The Saberlight Chronicles is a glorious collection of singalongable, (it’s a word…), tunes, and Fellowship have produced a stunner.

Triumvir Foul - Onslaught to Seraphim

The grim malevolence of Triumvir Foul’s blackened death metal is infectious and unstoppable. Just yield now, as Onslaught to Seraphim is a monstrous record of foul brutality and menacing mood. I just can’t stop listening to it.

Ithaca - They Fear Us

If you’re looking for a modern masterclass in evolved metallic hardcore then look no further than They Fear Us. Ithaca have delivered on their early promise and then some. Well-rounded and packed with great songs, Ithaca’s time has surely come.

Altars - Ascetic Reflection

We’ll wind up this list with the mighty Ascetic Reflection by Altars. This is a warped, nuanced, and dissonant slab of death metal, one that offers both visceral impact and depth of longevity. For a great balance of atmosphere and aggression, check this out.

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