Chaotian – Effigies of Obsolescence (Review)

Chaotian - Effigies of ObsolescenceChaotian are a death metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

Effigies of Obsolescence contains 40 minutes of barbarous death metal carnage.

This is a foul, rotten, death metal monster. The band deliver a putrescent platter of gory blast beats and gruesome groove. The music is ugly, cruel, and wicked in both the surface meat and deep into its bones, and this manifests as seven tracks of visceral punishment and macabre mood.

You can hear Chaotian’s influences, drawn from classic bands like Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Immolation, but these merely serve to inform the music on Effigies of Obsolescence, not define it.

The songs are brutal, yet not without their rusted hooks. The brutality is raw and reeks of death as it crushes and mangles, but is directed by a band that know their material well into songs that are engaging and enjoyable. The riffs hit hard with festering might, and are catchier than anything this diseased has any right to be. There’s more than simple brutality here too as the band also trade in deeply-felt morbid atmospheres and gloomy moods. Pulverising doom sections are unleashed at select times, flattening the listener with walls of grim distortion.

Effigies of Obsolescence is a highly effective and satisfying slab of raw, underground death metal in the classic foetid style. If you can stomach Chaotian’s foulness, then this is a highly recommended listen.

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