Ante-Inferno – Antediluvian Dreamscapes (Review)

Ante-Inferno - Antediluvian DreamscapesThis is the second album from UK black metal act Ante-Inferno.

Ante-Inferno play atmospheric black metal, and on Antediluvian Dreamscapes they deliver 43 minutes of contemporary blackened darkness.

The music is of the atmospheric style, boasting a mix of harsh aggression, understated melodic presence, and mood-based gloom. You can hear the classic second wave influences, but it mostly has a modern edge that has more in common with bands that were born later than that classic era, (think Wolves in the Throne Room for an obvious reference point).

This is well-written black metal, and the band are sharp and professional in their execution. The songs make good use of crisp blast beats and efficient guitars. The band’s blackened melodies carry you deeper into the world they have created. When it slows down the music takes on some doom-drenched elements, heightening the sense of being on an anguished journey of sorts. Whatever the pace of the music is, Antediluvian Soundscapes still takes you on that nightmare journey, what varies are the levels of pain and intensity you experience.

Ante-Inferno have created a very worthy release here. Antediluvian Soundscapes is an enjoyable and satisfying album, and anyone who is a fan of modern atmospheric black metal should check this out.

Very highly recommended.

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