Monuments – In Stasis (Review)

Monuments - In StasisMonuments are a progressive metal band from the UK and this is their fourth album.

Monuments play modern progressive metal with melody and hooks. In Stasis boasts 50 minutes of well-written material to soak up. Monuments have been one of those bands that I’ve heard many good things about over the years, but it’s only now that I’m finally getting around to checking them out. I’m glad I have done so, as In Stasis offers quite the enjoyable collection of tracks that are catchy and memorable, but that also offer emotive depth and longevity.

In Stasis strikes the right balance for me for a record of this style. The music is modern enough to be bright and professional, but manages to avoid sounding plastic or soulless. It’s technical and djenty enough to scratch that quite idiosyncratic contemporary itch, but traditional enough at its heart so as to make up for the usual failures of those styles. The rough vocals are the right side of harsh, while the clean singing is emotive and well-performed; my fear for a band like this is always that they are let down by poor, whiny vocals, but Monuments have a powerful singer who has a great voice. Besides, I should have known I would have liked the singer, as I thoroughly enjoyed his work in Termina.

So, In Stasis takes elements of progressive metal, technical metal, djent, and metalcore, and produces great results. I’m definitely disappointed that I haven’t listened to this band before. Don’t be like me, make sure you spend some time with In Stasis.

Very highly recommended.

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