Corpsegrinder – Corpsegrinder (Review)

Corpsegrinder - CorpsegrinderThis is the debut album from US death metal solo act Corpsegrinder.

Brought to us by the singer of Cannibal Corpse, (aided and abetted by guest musicians), Corpsegrinder contains 31 minutes of music that combines death metal with elements of thrash metal and hardcore.

To get a general starting point for what Corpsegrinder sounds like imagine a cross between Cannibal Corpse and Hatebreed, with elements of Slayer and Morbid Angel thrown in. Yep, if that sounds good, it’s because it is.

The Cannibal Corpse frontman’s iconic growl is on top form. His voice is undiminished in intensity or power, and his performance is just as you would want it to be; monstrous and brutal.

The songs are uniformly short and to the violent point. Within that some of them lean more into the death metal side of the music, some adopt a more hardcore approach, others have splashes of melody that add visceral colour, while others still have a more modern feeling of heaviness. In other words, across the album’s brief duration, we get enough shading and character to make these songs an enjoyable and satisfying proposition.

At the end of the day this is a fun album of brutal heaviness. The songs are good, the production professional, and the vocals flawless. What’s not to like?

For when you want murderous blasts, heavy riffs, and crushing groove, Corpsegrinder hits the spot.

Highly recommended.

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