The Mist from the Mountains – Monumental – The Temple of Twilight (Review)

The Mist from the Mountains - Monumental - The Temple of TwilightThe Mist from the Mountains are a Finnish black metal band and this is their debut album.

Monumental – The Temple of Twilight contains 38 minutes of 90s-influenced nature-inspired black metal. The promo blurb mentions bands from that era such as Old Man’s Child, Gehenna, Dimmu Borgir, and Borknagar, which, coupled with the enticing album art, meant I definitely had to give The Mist from the Mountains some of my attention.

Storms of energetic guitars blur by on a flurry of riffs and blackened melodies. The band’s majestic delivery is authentic and well-written, resulting in songs that not only look the part, but are satisfying and enjoyable too. A range of paces and moods are explored, with the bulk of the delivery being on the faster, upbeat side; the band clearly know a thing or two about black metal, and keep things engaging throughout via melodic hooks, swirling keyboards, and a vicious dual vocal approach.

Weaving moments of atmospheric immersion and symphonic grandeur into their old-school blackened assault, The Mist from the Mountains add extra texture and depth to their music quite convincingly. Some of these are quite unexpected and beautiful, such as the middle atmospheric cleanly-sung part of Thus Spake the Tongueless Serpent.

This is a solid and enjoyable album for aficionados of the style. If you’re partial to a bit of the classic blackened melodic/symphonic sound, then you can do a lot worst than check out what The Mist of the Mountains have created.

A recommended listen for fans of the style.

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