Comeback Kid – Heavy Steps (Review)

Comeback Kid - Heavy StepsComeback Kid are a Canadian hardcore band and this is their seventh album.

This is the follow up to 2017’s Outsider, giving us 32 minutes of raucous, energetic hardcore.

Comeback Kid’s anthemic songs are catchy and very moreish. The album’s punk attitude and hardcore power is channelled by masters of their trade. The music sticks in your brain without even trying. Heavy Steps is effortless to listen to; its short duration and action-packed songs make for an enjoyable release that’s easy to keep returning to.

Comeback Kid know this style inside out and can apparently write a good tune without breaking a sweat. Heavy Steps is filled with them. Each track is short and energy-dense, with an intensity born from passion and bright enthusiasm. The band’s formula may be tried and tested at this point, but when the results are so satisfying and fun, you’ll find no complaints from me.

Heavy Steps is another solid and enjoyable record from Comeback Kid. This will get regular gym rotation, that’s for sure.

Highly recommended for fans of energetic and charismatic hardcore.

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