Filth Wizard – Sleepeater (Review)

Filth Wizard - SleepeaterThis is the second album from New Zealand instrumental progressive metal/rock band Filth Wizard.

How could you not want to check out a band named Filth Wizard? Even though I do enjoy instrumental albums, sometimes a great deal, I’m not always drawn to them like I am some other styles that tend to have vocals. In this instance, the band’s name, enigmatic album cover, and nicely-written promo email were all enough to ensure that I gave Sleepeater a chance, and I’m glad I did.

Sleepeater is a 50-minute journey into progressive metal and rock waters. The album is instrumental and channels prog, stoner, and cutting metal riffs into nine enjoyable and well-formed tracks. The promo blurb mentions influences such as Opeth, Metallica, Mastodon, and Porcupine Tree, and these serve as a decent overview of Sleepeater’s sound.

Metallic guitars and funky rock riffs propel the songs, providing a base of groove and deft rhythms. Expressive texture and nuanced musicianship enhance this further, allowing the band to explore a range of dynamics, paces, and flavours across the album. Filth Wizard also have a good relationship to both heaviness and lightness, and the music can be either as extroverted or as introverted as it needs to be.

Filth Wizard have produced an enjoyable and engaging album. Sleepeater covers a lot of ground, and does so well. The music is personable and well-rounded, making for a satisfying experience.

A recommended listen for anyone into progressive rock and metal.

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