The Age of Truth – Resolute (Review)

The Age of Truth - ResoluteThis is the second album by US heavy rockers The Age of Truth.

Are you after some fluid grooves and engrossing riffs? Do you want good tunes delivered with an assured attitude? Looking for a band that are able to kick out the jams, but also have enough range and depth to keep bringing you back to them? Well, The Age of Truth have you covered.

The Age of Truth’s sound is one of heavy rock mixed with elements of metal. Within this, stoner, blues, classic, progressive, and psychedelic rock are all tastefully incorporated into the band’s sound. These influences are merged into the band’s style naturally and with ease, bringing none of the disjointed delivery or directionless songwriting that you might fear from such a list of subgenres. The Age of Truth know their material well, resulting in a collection of seven tracks that all work quite pleasingly.

Imagine a mix of Orange Goblin, Corrosion of Conformity, and Soundgarden and you’ll be on the right lines.

The band write their songs with charisma and confidence, and do so with an enviable amount of skill. Catchy riffs, memorable vocals, engaging structures, and electric dynamics make for an album that’s a pleasure to listen to. Each track is viable and whole in its own right, with a well-formed personality that speaks highly of its creators. An emotive streak runs through everything, underpinning the music and finding a natural outlet in the band’s capable and talented vocalist.

Resolute is an impressive and enjoyable album that has firm replay value. Here’s a band that deserve to be much bigger than they’re probably destined to be. Don’t miss out – Resolute deserves to be heard far and wide.

Very highly recommended.

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