Lucifer’s Hammer – The Trip (Review)

Lucifer's Hammer - The TripThis is the third album from Lucifer’s Hammer, a heavy metal band from Chile.

The Trip contains 32 minutes of traditional heavy metal.

Boasting a professional recording that still manages to have a raw, warm sound, this album is a solid and rewarding slab of true metal. It takes obvious influence from the NWOBHM, and does justice to its source material. One to check out for fans of Iron Maiden, for sure.

The songs are memorable and full of hooks, but are not without depths that are worth exploring over time. Some of these songs are ridiculously catchy.  My personal favourite is All Stories Come to an End, which has a chorus that keeps repeating on me, (so to speak).

The band have a lot of melodic strengths, in the leads and solos especially. The vocals soar with well-delivered skill and passion. The singer has a good voice for a band like this, and his performance never falters.

Across a range of different feels and tempos, Lucifer’s Hammer have produced a collection of tracks that each have their own feel and personalities. This is a classic metal album that’s just fun to listen to and is easily enjoyable.

A recommended listen for any fan of heavy metal.

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