Sylvatica – Ashes and Snow (Review)

Sylvatica - Ashes and SnowThis is the second album from Danish melodic death metallers Sylvatica.

The core of Ashes and Snow‘s 43 minutes is that of melodic death metal. This is then augmented by folk and symphonic metal influences. If you think you’d enjoy a band that mixes together aspects of groups such as Ensiferum, Wintersun, Nightwish, Dark Tranquillity, and Children of Bodom, then Ashes and Snow should be of interest to you.

After a very luscious and uplifting introduction, the band tear through six songs of largely fast and aggressive music. The epic streak that Sylvatica so ably demonstrate in the intro is not confined to it, and they flex their symphonic muscles quite regularly across Ashes and Snow. This is merged skilfully with a death metal base that’s surprisingly burly for this sort of thing, at least in places; Sylvatica aren’t afraid to get a bit brutal, they just do so in well-dressed style.

The songs strike a good balance between ostentatious symphonic elements, heavy aggression, and strong melodic colour. Of the latter, the leads, and in particular the solos, are very well-realised. The bass is more audible than usual for something of this ilk too, and makes a welcome contribution to the music.

Sylvatica are clearly skilled at what they do; a lot of work has obviously been done on these tracks, and they boast a Smörgåsbord of sonic delights for the listener to indulge in.

I enjoyed Ashes and Snow, and heartily recommend it for fans of symphonic and melodic death metal.

Check it out.

FAVOURITE TRACK: The rousing Cosmic Strings.

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