Holding Absence – The Greatest Mistake of My Life (Review)

Holding Absence - The Greatest Mistake of My LifeThis is the second album from Holding Absence, a modern rock band from the UK.

2019’s Holding Absence stayed with me for longer than I was expecting, and I was surprisingly eager to hear where they have gone for their next release, The Greatest Mistake of My Life.

The answer, is up in the world.

The band’s choices on this album find them in more expansive, multifaceted territories than they have previously operated in. Holding Absence sound more confident and assured than ever, and this is reflected in their performances and songwriting. The band’s atmospheric approach to their music has been developed further, and these be songs are both professional and passionate.

The Greatest Mistake of My Life is an album rooted in emotion, and feelings saturate every corner of the songs. The music is heartfelt and earnest, and the presentation well-realised. With songs that are brighter, more uplifting, melodically richer, and more colourful than those of the band’s debut album, Holding Absence have produced a stirring collection of tracks.

The songs are soaring and anthemic, and are filled with big choruses and effortless arena-friendly charm. This is in no small part to the band’s talented singer, whose voice is in top form throughout.

The tracks are all well-polished exemplars of how to write tunes that could fill stadiums, while still retaining the honesty and integrity of a much smaller act. Of course, they are still essentially a small act, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of The Greatest Mistake of My Life.

The Greatest Mistake of My Life is a great step forward for Holding Absence, and a new chapter in the band’s career. More well-rounded, developed, and multitextured than the band’s debut album, this new release finds Holding Absence firing on all cylinders.

A recommended listen for any fan of modern, emotive rock.

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