Virulence of Misconduct – Infected (Review)

Virulence of Misconduct - InfectedThis is the debut album from international brutal deathcore band Virulence of Misconduct.

Infected comes roaring out of the underground like a possessed daemon in a bloodthirsty rage. It’s only 25 minutes long, but that’s all you need when you’re selling this sort of thundering slam.

There’s no messing around here with crappy intros; Infected does exactly what I like an album of this sort to do and get right into the action. Combining slam, deathcore, and the occasional moment of straight-ahead brutal death metal, this is the sort of album that the word brutal was designed for, but without descending into a ridiculous parody of the style.

Savage blast beats combine with crushing breakdowns to smash the listener into a fine paste. Snatches of melody can be heard here and there, adding colour to the band’s brutal assault, but most of the material here is all about the bludgeoning. Whether these beatings are dispensed at furious speed, via a mid-paced trampling, or at a slow squash, the band don’t seem to be too bothered about, as long as they get a few different types of mashing in.

Infected is a solid album of brutal slamming deathcore, from a band that know how to play the style. Check this out and see if their brand of violent heaviness ticks the boxes for you.

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