Lantern – Dimensions (Review)

Lantern - DimensionsThis is the third album from Lantern, a Finnish blackened death metal band.

2017’s  II: Morphosis was a grim and evil collection of tracks, and made a good enough impression that I knew I wanted to check out Dimensions when it appeared. These new tracks are dismal and dark, fusing death, black, and some doom metal elements into 39 minutes of old-school metal played with personality and flavour.

Bleak atmosphere and crushing riffs merge with eerie melodies and harsh dissonance. Although Lantern’s new material is still mood-focused, it seems they have paid even more attention to their chosen riffs and melodies this time, and they have also increased their aggression, diving their music forward with intensity and fervour.

All of the above is done with skill and clear passion, and ultimately with the intention of creating songs of a malevolent atmosphere and morbid composition. Each track revels in its metallic might, culminating in the 14-minute crowing glory of the album – closer Monolithic Abyssal Dimensions.

The band’s third album finds Lantern consolidating their strengths and producing a work of value and worth. Dimensions is an enjoyable listen, and I recommend you give it a few spins.

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