Mars Red Sky – The Task Eternal (Review)

Mars Red Sky - The Task Eternal

Mars Red Sky are a stoner rock band from France and this is their fourth album.

This is heavy psychedelic rock, played with passion and skill. Across 50 minutes Mars Red Sky take the listener on a journey in time, with warm emotion and luscious melody.

Yes, considerable 70s influence can be heard across the album, helping to establish the band’s progressive rock credentials. There are more modern influences that can be heard here as well, however, and Mars Red Sky make considerable use of all of them. Running the range from The Beatles and Pink Floyd, to Nirvana and Alice in Chains, to more contemporary stoner and doom rock references, The Task Eternal effortlessly achieves a synthesis of these into something enjoyable and of lasting worth.

The music on The Task Eternal is intricate and layered, while also remaining accessible and memorable. The mixture of progressive, psychedelic, and stoner aspects in the music has resulted in a very engaging piece of work. Hypnotic and charismatic, this is music to drift away too.

The melodies used in the music complement the infectious riffs and compelling grooves. The melodic elements in the songs are evocative and compelling, painting vivid vistas with much aural proficiency. The band clearly know their way around their instruments, and I feel I must particularly single out the bass for praise, a it’s usually the most neglected tool in a band’s toolbox. Not here.

This is a stoner-infused version of a 70s progressive rock opus, and is a thoroughly satisfying work.

Very highly recommended.

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