Crimson Moon – Mors Vincit Omnia (Review)

Crimson Moon - Mors Vincit OmniaThis is the fourth album from US black metallers Crimson Moon.

This is the follow up to 2016’s Oneironaut, which I enjoyed so much that it placed on my end of year list for that year. Mors Vincit Omnia contains 54 minutes of music spread out over 8 tracks. This time the band’s mastermind has a main group of three, including himself, along with guest drums, (Aosoth/Antaeus), and several guest vocalists, (Absu, Archgoat, Demoncy, Kawir).

This is intelligently-crafted occult black metal, burning with second wave majesty and dripping with esoteric, potent atmospheres. Crimson Moon’s mastery of both forceful aggression and grim mood is ably demonstrated once more across these new songs.

Clean backing incantations and macabre synths both add to the atmospheres created here, as does some well-conceived riffs and structuring. As for the more aggressive side of the album, the pounding drums, powerful guitars, and scathingly acidic blackened screams take care of this in no uncertain terms. Taken together, both fiery aggression and malevolent moods ensure that the songs sound like they’re forged from darkness itself. Attention should also be taken to the bass work on the album, as this is notable in its presence and execution.

The music seems to draw you in close and wreathe you in obscure mist, weaving dark magics around you as you slowly lose touch with reality and enter Crimson Moon’s world fully. Immersed, there’s no need to ever come out again. You’re left with a glimpse behind the veil and deep psychic lacerations as these hymns to blackness do their terrible, sinister work.

The music has many layers and is a richly-developed example of how effective this sort of black metal can be in the right hands. The first seven blackened soundscapes are extremely satisfying and enjoyable to journey to, (the eighth is essentially an elongated outro track), and each song here employs its own nefarious means to build its own infernal world. Ignoring the last track, (which is largely superfluous), the album overall is an exemplar of supreme black metal art.

As you can probably tell, I like Crimson Moon a lot, and Mors Vincit Omnia is a more than worthy addition to the band’s legacy.

Essential listening for any acolyte of the blackened ways.

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