Mourner – Apogee of Nihility (Review)

Mourner - Apogee of NihilityThis is the debut album from Mourner, a death/doom metal band from Russia.

In a surprisingly textured mix of gloomy atmosphere and deathly heaviness, Mourner’s first release is an enjoyable take on the death/doom style. It seems primarily influenced by the old-school triumvirate of Paradise Lost, Anathema, and My Dying Bride, and fans of these bands and the corresponding era should find much to enjoy here.

The songs are well-written and it’s clear that Mourner have put a lot of themselves into this work. Each track mixes the doom and death influences in different proportions, but it’s the doom side that holds sway most of the time.

Melody is used well, as you’d expect, as is the band’s violin. Neither are too prominently over-egged, and there’s plenty of room for the thick distorted riffs and monstrous vocals. Speaking of the latter, these vocals are primarily deep growls that break out of the material like savage animals, providing a brutally harsh counterpoint to the music’s expressive doom. On this release Mourner have largely got the balance between beauty and the beast just right.

The production is professional without being overly polished, and overall Apogee of Nihility‘s package is a strong one in all regards. I enjoyed this album a lot. Make sure you give it a listen, preferably multiple listens; it’s the kind of album that’s good on first encounter, but improves over time as the melodies worm their way into your skull and set up home there. After all, who wouldn’t want a death/doom worm in their head?

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