Funeral Storm – Arcane Mysteries (Review)

Funeral Storm - Arcane MysteriesFuneral Storm are a Greek black metal band and this is their debut album.

Funeral Storm channel early second wave energies into 42 minutes of occult black metal. Yes, Rotting Christ are the obvious name to drop, but there’s also a Varathron cover here, which should give you further indication of the band’s influences.

The traditionally structured songs are melodic and compact, with tight riffing and atmospheric synths. These latter elements are well-realised, and add another layer of coloured shading to the music, while avoiding becoming overbearing or ostentatious. Epic grandeur can be felt on occasion, which the synths aid greatly. The band also incorporate galloping classic heavy metal influences here and there. These are subsumed naturally into the blackened framework of the songs, but can be felt and appreciated nonetheless.

As well as the actual songs, Funeral Storm also craft atmospheric interludes extremely well. Wandering Through the Abyss is an album highlight for me, as it just bleeds early 90s atmosphere. You don’t really hear too much of this sort of thing these days.

Firmly rooted in their Greek heritage, Funeral Storm have faithfully recreated the atmosphere of an earlier era on this album, while simultaneously injecting enough of their own collective personality into the songs to make this a worthwhile listening experience.

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