Ornamentos del Miedo – Este no es tu Hogar (Review)

Ornamentos del Miedo - Este no es tu HogarThis is the debut album from Ornamentos del Miedo, a one man funeral doom band from Spain.

Here we have 62 minutes of atmospheric funeral doom. It’s slow, heavy, and played with an obvious love for the style.

Surely designed to inflict a slow-burning misery and suffering on the world, these extended doom workouts operate on the more atmospheric side of the funeral doom spectrum. A comparison to Illimitable Dolor‘s output is fair, although Este no es tu Hogar certainly has its own charms, and is a different beast overall.

Light and shade both exist on this album, sometimes quite ethereally so, but the bedrock is firmly given over to the darkness, however mood-driven it is. In these moments heaviness and despair reign supreme, as the artist behind this project unleashes wave after wave of crushing distortion, crashing drums, and anguished vocals. Expressive melodies and swathes of keyboards are never far from the action, however, ensuring that the songs on Este no es tu Hogar benefit from depth and texture as much as they do from anything else.

You’d probably be expecting deep deathgrowls for something like this, but no, that’s not the case. Instead, we get pained screams that have a blackened aspect to them, without being of an overtly black metal style. It’s a subtler delivery that’s used almost as just another instrument, relatively lower in the mix than spotlight-stealing growls would be.

Este no es tu Hogar is an enjoyable and absorbing collection of funeral doom hymns, one which any fan of the more atmospheric side of doom would be advised to check out.

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