Triste Terre – Grand Œuvre (Review)

Triste Terre - Grand ŒuvreThis is the debut album from Triste Terre, an atmospheric black metal band from France.

Grand Œuvre is a 65-minute journey into the occult darkness. It’s an album that doesn’t shy away from grand ambition and compelling atmosphere, using these traits to its advantage to craft epic soundscapes that are immersive and quite satisfying.

The music combines elements of both the traditional and modern schools of black metal, as well as incorporating aspects of post-black metal here and there alongside some moments of dissonant darkness. Atmospheric and affecting, this is black metal with scope, ambition, and sprawling intent.

Evocative melodies are used to enhance and deepen the atmospheric richness that the band seem to effortlessly create. Synths add tasteful layers to music that is already quite substantial, and there’s a lot going on in the songs on Grand Œuvre, but without the album ever feeling too crowded or overblown.

The singer’s dark screams and semi-clean shouts are broken up by the occasional cleaner section that help give the music an avant-garde flavour in places. Growls and roars can sometimes be heard to, although these are uncommon. All various styles used are well-performed and fit well with what the music is doing.

Cold, bleak, and obscure, this is a high quality album of atmospheric black metal that draws influence from a myriad of blackened subgenres and styles, crafting a collection of songs that embrace the darkness and draw the listener in quite effectively.

Highly recommended.

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