Blurr Thrower – Les Avatars du Vide (Review)

Blurr Thrower - Les Avatars du VideBlurr Thrower is a one man atmospheric black metal band from France and this is his debut release.

Blurr Thrower’s music is heavily influenced by the Cascadian scene, which is no bad thing when the results are this good.

The songs are lengthy affairs; while there are only two songs on this release it clocks in with a total duration of 36 minutes.

Creating compelling atmospheres through gradually building soundscapes, Les Avatars du Vide explores occult waters and wades deep in them, discovering unknown lifeforms in the process. The Cascadian scene is noted for its influences taken from the natural world, and this finds its way into Blurr Thrower’s music indirectly, resulting in an album that feels like it’s dripping with both environmental and preternatural energies and auras.

The songs demonstrate a good use of melody and have sufficient depth of composition to keep the listener returning after the final track has wound to a close. The music is quite majestic and grand, with a wide scope that speaks of the vastness of nature and the cosmos. It’s not without aggression, however, as hostility is a firm part of black metal’s delivery, even when crafting atmospheric, mood-driven pieces like these.

The vocals are traditional croaks, seeming to surface from the waves of blackened sound to invoke foul spirits and speak dark incantations.

This is very satisfying, enjoyable work from Blurr Thrower. I highly recommend this.

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