Disuse – The Yeti from Kad-Man-Ra (Review)

Disuse - The Yeti from Kad-Man-RaDisuse are a grindcore band from the Netherlands and this is their latest EP.

This is blink-and-you’ll-miss-it grindcore, boasting a raw and vicious 14 tracks across just five minutes.

Powered by the old-school and proppelled through the airwaves with savagery and passion, this is a highly enjoyable five minutes of focused aggression.

The band adopt a tried-and-tested groove-and-blast approach to their music, although the latter tends to outweigh the former, as you’d expect with song lengths this brief. It’s effective though, and Disuse are not without their charms. The band know what they’re doing with this sort of material, and the 14 tracks of mayhem you’ll find on this release are all very enjoyable, if you’re hardened to this sort of brutal devastation.

Disuse understand grindcore dynamics and the songs here reflect this. Despite the short duration this could easily fail to hold the listener’s attention, but Disuse are talented enough that this isn’t an issue. The songs are well-written for such short stabs of violence, and I heartily recommend The Yeti from Kad-Man-Ra to any grindhead out there.

Nasty stuff.

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