The Primals – All Love Is True Love (Review)

The PrimalsThe Primals are a US rock band and this is their debut album.

Although not normally the kind of music I’m instantly attracted to, I felt compelled to check out All Love Is True Love mainly due to the presence of Darkest Hour‘s singer on vocals. Does that make me shallow? Probably.

Fuzzy rock haunted by the spirit of grunge and with a touch of old-school punk, this is an album of infectious material and song-based catchiness.

The music on this album is made up of casual focus and talented looseness. Essentially, I suppose, here we have a band that are doing what feels natural to them in this context; All Love Is True Love doesn’t sound forced, and the tunes on here have obviously been crafted out of love.

The music mixes grunge, rock, and punk influences with a certain grimy pop sensibility to produce songs that are surprisingly moreish. Although certainly not primarily a heavy band, there’s more of a kick in the guitar department than you may think. I suppose this is only to be expected given the band members’ backgrounds, and it certainly adds an edge to parts of the music that I enjoy.

Imagine a punky mix of Nirvana and The Wildhearts and you’ll have a decent starting point for The Primals, especially vocally.

Highly enjoyable.

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