Fredag Den 13:e – Dystopisk Utsikt (Review)

Fredag Den 13 eFredag Den 13:e are from Sweden and this is their fourth album. They play hardcore.

2015’s Domerdager was a solid slab of aggressive d-beat-fuelled hardcore crust, notable for its quality. The band’s latest album consists of 34 minutes of the same breed of enjoyably belligerent material, and it’s sounding better than ever on Dystopisk Utsikt.

An intense blend of modern metallic melodic heaviness and the classic, timelessness of crusty punk, Fredag Den 13:e spend their time on this record ripping out devastating riffs and lethal melody.

The band’s punk energy is harsh and unrelenting, yet still manages to be surprisingly catchy and emotive for something so thorny. Heavy and aggressive, this is polished and professional stuff. At this point in their careers the band know exactly what they’re doing and execute these tracks with the precision and expertise of veterans.

The raging, scathing screams of the band’s singer complement the music perfectly, adding a certain bellicose character to the band’s assault.

The production is thick, heavy, and meaty. It lends the songs a strength that simply enhances their natural presence. Dystopisk Utsikt is a very strong overall release.

Fredag Den 13:e have produced a riotous album full of kicking hardcore tunes. More power to them.

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