Temple Desecration – Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos (Review)

Temple DesecrationTemple Desecration are a black/death metal band from Poland and this is their debut album.

With a title like Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos you expect a certain level of extremity, and Temple Desecration deliver it in no uncertain terms.

Temple Desecration are a hideous, reeking blackened mess of noise and blasphemy. This is ugly music for people that like to have their faces rubbed in the filth. The music on this release has a primal, bestial power to it. Its sickened blackened core is augmented by death metal’s muscularity, but it’s the virulent blackened plague that ultimately consumes everything in the end.

Even though all of the above is an accurate indicator of what you’ll find on this album, it’s not the whole story, however. Amidst the brutality and darkness you’ll also find moments of apocalyptic melody used to enhance the maelstrom of violence that Temple Desecration unleash so well. I also like that the band can sometimes really lock into a blistering delivery and mine it for all it’s worth, making for some hypnotically entrancing chaos that you just can’t seem to turn away from. Imagine a doom band settling into a repetitive droning groove, and then replace this with a corrupted black metal evil.

So yes, this is actually a surprisingly multifaceted release, once you get past its bristling veneer. Mood and atmosphere is explored alongside the violently brutal parts. Everything is shrouded in esoteric violence and nastiness, but within this Temple Desecration forge their music into exemplars of apocalyptic hymns. This album details the carnage and destruction of an end time event itself, but also the aftermath, depicted by slower, doom-filled parts dotted around the general mayhem.

Whirlwinds of Fathomless Chaos is well-performed and very enjoyable. There’s a depth here that may not be immediately apparent, but it’s there, and the band’s abyssal delivery is perfectly placed to explore it.

Very highly recommended.

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