Torn the Fuck Apart – A Genetic Predisposition to Violence (Review)

Torn the Fuck ApartThis is the fourth album from Torn the Fuck Apart, a death metal band from the US.

We know Torn the Fuck Apart from 2014’s Sexually Transmitted Torture, and now the band have returned with 33 minutes of new corpse-fresh material.

Mixing technicality with brutality and a decent helping of groove, Torn the Fuck Apart’s brutal death metal is satisfying, moreish, and very easy to like.

Despite having a couple of tracks more than its predecessor, A Genetic Predisposition to Violence is actually the briefer album of the two. The songs on this newer release are generally shorter and more direct, showcasing a band that have stripped away some of the excess fat and are firmly focused on causing as much damage as possible and then disappearing in an explosion of gore and entrails.

This is a focused, refined Torn the Fuck Apart. The band offer up a visceral blend of technical ferocity and rolling aggression, augmented with punishing grooves and even the occasional blood-red splash of melody. Of the latter, I particularly like some of the solos that appear. The band even manage to indulge in some macabre atmospherics on occasion too, which is a nice addition.

This is a solid, quality death metal album, one that finds Torn the Fuck Apart at the top of their game and producing their best work yet. Well-written and with a production that does them justice, A Genetic Predisposition to Violence is an album they should be proud of.

Very highly recommended.

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