Frostland – Winterkult (Review)

FrostlandFrostland are a black metal band from Germany and this is their debut album.

This is second wave-styled black metal, with a firm atmospheric black metal element; sort of a mix of the Scandinavian and US strains.

Well, this is pretty damn good. The aforementioned influences of the band have given rise to these 42 minutes of furious blackened intensity punctuated with coldly atmospheric sections that betray deeper roots than the purely aggressive. The delivery isn’t as clean cut as that, of course, and there’s plenty of blending and blurring of the lines as the icy aggression meets frosted atmosphere.

Sinister blackened grooves and dark venomous riffs pounce on you as you wearily step into Frostland’s world. Macabre melodies try to wrap around your throat, and the occasional atmospheric respites seem like they’re only there to fill the gaps between vicious beatings. Frostland have designed their songs well, and the lighter, less intense parts serve mainly to soften you up before a sharper, rougher assault begins.

The vocals are quite varied, with a mix of screams, shouts, and growls used. Some of the more daemonic screams have a tinge of the depressive black metal style in their delivery, lending an anguished edge to the songs. The deeper, more acidic screams are just nasty and malignant.

Winterkult is a cold and unforgiving slice of black metal, but one that’s frequently remarkably energetic in its delivery. It’s an enjoyable and satisfying listen from a band that sound hungry and determined to make their mark.

Highly recommended.

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