Butcher ABC – North of Hell (Review)

Butcher ABCButcher ABC are a Japanese death metal band and this is their debut album.

Butcher ABC play a gruesome mix of death metal and grindcore, making for 39 ugly, sickening minutes of virulent gore metal.

Influenced by the Carcass/Exhumed school of gory death metal/grind and focusing on bloody riffs and flesh-tearing guitars, Butcher ABC have produced an enjoyable, entrails-covered album.

The songs are boisterous and rowdy, bleeding heavy riffs and chunky rhythms like nobody’s business. Despite the ugly, nasty veneer that this music has, the songs are not without a certain amount of grisly finesse.

Plying their horrific trade across various speeds, some of the best material here is the mid-paced slicing and dicing of the thick, wet guitars. Of course, I’m not one to complain when the band ramp up the pace either. Butcher ABC are not a band that are primarily about speed for the sake of it, but it’s still something that they do well nonetheless.

The vocals consist of all manner of vicious screams, shrieks, growls, shouts, pig squeals, and gurgles. I have no idea what the vocalist has been eating, but it sounds like it’s on the verge of making an appearance once more.

North of Hell is a disgustingly enjoyable collection of grim, filthy gore metal. Check this out.

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