Tantal – Ruin (Review)

TantalTantal are a Russian metal band and this is their third album.

Mixing elements of modern, progressive, melodic, and Gothic metal into 49 minutes of music, Ruin is the follow up to 2014’s Expectancy, which was a good starter for getting to know Tantal’s sound. Ruin sees the band displaying their brand of melodic metal with a modern edge and moments of heightened aggression.

Primarily taking from the European schools of melodic metal, (including melodic death metal), the band mix elements of bands such as Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil into their music, injecting some of their own personalities on top of this for good measure.

This is a relatively varied release for this kind of thing, within the framework that they have set for themselves, of course. The songwriting is of a good standard, and it’s clear that the band all know their individual roles well.

The singer is typically the focus in a band like this, and Tantal are no exception to this rule. Her voice is used well, with a good range and nuanced delivery. Her performance is strong throughout the album, whether softly crooning or powerfully belting out a catchy chorus.

A solid album of melodic metal, Tantal continue to develop and improve. Check this out and see what you think.

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