Gut Drill – Shit for Brains (Review)

Gut DrillGut Drill is a one man grindcore band from the UK and this is his latest EP.

Here we have 8 minutes of brutal deathgrind, and what’s not to like? It’s well-delivered, and utterly uncompromising. 

Coming across like a hybrid of Nasum, Carcass, and Napalm Death, this short release erupts out of the speakers with visceral impact and wild abandon.

The music is raw and unpolished, exactly as you would want for something as filthy and underground as this. Each track mixes brutal riffs, punishing blast beats, and even the odd bit of groove here and there, into brief, violent episodes. The songs do exactly what you would want them to do, which is devastate and destroy.

The vocals are savage and nasty, completely and utterly so. Snarling and rabid, it’s a seemingly relentless delivery, performed with high energy and breathless pace.

Recommended for anyone that wants their face caved in.

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