Widow’s Peak – Graceless (Review)

Widow's PeakWidow’s Peak are a death metal band from Canada and this is their debut EP.

Here we have 20 minutes of technical death metal that aims to melt faces and fry brains.

Mixing utterly brutal modern death metal with a large helping of chaotic technicality, the short songs on this EP go for the throat and everything around it with extreme prejudice and bloody venom.

The songs are savage and ferocious affairs, featuring head-spinning technicality that’s offset by brutal riffs and belligerent rhythms. With plenty of blast and groove, as well as sickening guttural growls, Graceless is sure to keep fans of extremity happy.

Although the music has a firm streak of modernity in it,¬†Widow’s Peak stop short of offering the kind of ultra-polished deathcore that’s so in vogue at the moment. Instead, this is an uglier, underground strain of brutal/technical death metal that has managed to strike the right balance between old and new, so should appeal to fans of both.

Recommended for anyone that likes their music brutal and nasty.

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