Aux Era – Aux Era (Review)

Aux EraAux Era are a US experimental/progressive rock band and this is their debut album.

Here we have around 38 minutes of experimental psychedelic rock. Fusing elements of psychedelia, post-rock, progressive rock, and punk into involved and exploratory songs, this is a compelling release that’s easy to like if you’re a fan of expressive and well-developed progressive rock.

Various feelings are explored across the tracks, from calm ambience, to moody atmosphere, to upbeat energy. This is an album of mood and feeling, deftly and efficiently experimenting with different emotive tools across the songs as they twist and turn into lesser-explored avenues.

Epic and eclectic, there’s a hazy, otherworldly, hypnotic vibe to parts of this release that puts you in a certain relaxed, receptive mindset from the very start of the album. This works effortlessly to draw you into a mysterious and esoteric world of the band’s creation, and keeps you there as you look around and get to know the place. You never quite know what’s around the next corner, with the band keeping things interesting and engaging throughout the journey.

I really enjoyed this, and hope that you visit the band’s world. You’ll always be welcome there, and Aux Era create an environment of expressive and emotive rock that keeps on giving.

Highly recommended.

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