Vorus – The Wretched Path (Review)

VorusThis is the debut album from Romanian death metal band Vorus.

We’ve encountered Vorus before with the very solid Chamber of Laments demo from last year. Since then, what was once a solo project has now doubled its band members, and birthed a full eight tracks of old-school death metal devastation.

All three tracks from last year’s demo have made it to the album, such was the quality of Chamber of Laments. With the five newer songs, we’re now up to 35 minutes of material on The Wretched Path.

Vorus play filthy, ugly, ancient death metal. It’s aggressive and uncompromising, but still finds time for some old-school macabre atmosphere-setting amongst the carnage. Like the demo, there’s a blackened quality to the band’s music, which adds to the filthy allure of their grim sound.

There are some very enjoyable and satisfying riffs to be had on this album, and the relative simplicity of the songs works in their favour as they rip, tear, and bludgeon their way through the playing time. Different speeds and moods are used throughout, and it’s obvious that the songwriting has come from a place of love and care for the venerable metal of death style.

I particularly like the singer’s voice, as he sounds quite feral and dark. There’s a real passionate edge to his voice that comes through strongly in his performance, and you can tell that he lives and breathes for his metallic art.

The production is raw and underground, and for the most part it works really well. My only minor complaint is the snare drum sound, which is a bit too ‘clangy’ for my tastes, although this is only a relatively minor thing in the grand scheme of things. Besides, this became less of an issue for me over time, but it’s still worth noting, I suppose. Despite this, The Wretched Path is still a very enjoyable trip into the underworld.

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