Entropy Coding – Tales of the Moon (Review)

Entropy CodingEntropy Coding is a one woman symphonic metal project from Italy, and this is her debut album.

This is sumptuous symphonic metal with power and progressive metal influences. The artist behind the band handles keyboards and composition duties, while many different guests fill the other necessary roles across the tracks.

The songs lean to the longer side, providing a rich backdrop for the two guest vocalists to ply their trade. The singers both have high-quality voices and obviously know how to use them. Different, yet complementary, the singers work well across the songs to bring the music to life.

Speaking of, the music itself is bright and sparkly, with all of the symphonic presence and progressive allure that you’d expect from European-styled power metal. There’s a range of different influences and styles incorporated into the music and the vocals. Some of it’s quite ambitious too, but it’s mostly pulled off very well.

The songs are well-written and Entropy Coding’s controlling mind obviously has a talent for this kind of thing. Different moods and emotions are explored across the tracks, and she has a few different twists and tricks up her sleeve that she uses well as the album progresses.

The music can sometimes be quite complex and involving too. The symphonic side of the band keeps the lush orchestration and atmosphere-building moods forefront in the listener’s mind, but the progressive side of the music allows for an intricacy and technicality that’s missing from most purely symphonic metal bands. The power metal side just adds extra energy and kick.

This is, overall, way better than average for this kind of release. Top stuff.


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