Abyssus – Unleash the Storm (Review)

AbyssusAbyssus are a death metal band from Greece and this is their latest EP.

I’m a huge fan of Abyssus. Their old-school death metal just really, really does it for me. Have a look at this, this, this, and this. Top band.

So, what do we have here then? This latest EP contains five tracks and lasts 18 minutes. There are two new songs and three covers, (Bathory, Venom, and Manilla Gates). Also – look at the cover artwork. Just look at it. How could you not want to listen to something that looks like that?

The new songs are just as infectiously catchy and memorable as the rest of the band’s work. The is unapologetic in its worship of the old-school, and gets away with it because it’s so damn good. The secret to Abyssus is their obvious passion for songcraft. This is a band that deal in songs, classic death metal songs that squarely hit the spot with great force and enthusiasm.

Of the cover versions, all of them shine, but I think my favourite is the Venom cover of Warhead. The band both do it justice and make it their own.

It’s great to have Abyssus back. If you’re an old-school death metal fanatic then this is one of the bands that you must listen to, and this EP is a great place to start.

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