Nervous Impulse/Meat Cutting Floor/Japanische Kampfhörspiele/Brud – Grind Cuts 4 Way – Split (Review)

Nervous Impulse Meat Cutting Floor Japanische Kampfhörspiele BrudThis is a four way grindcore split between Nervous Impulse from Canada, Meat Cutting Floor from Russia, Japanische Kampfhörspiele from Germany, and Brud from Ukraine.

Lasting a beefy 48 minutes in total, this is a vicious, frenzied collection of underground delights. Conceived as a way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Nervous Impulse’s existence, it’s another great release powered by this increasingly impressive band. Check out Time to Panic and Atomic Grind, to see why I like them so much.

So let’s take a look at each band in turn.

Nervous Impulse. 5 tracks, 14 minutes.

Nervous Impulse treat us to their muscularly savage brand of deathgrind, and like the rest of their work that I’ve heard, it’s fast, furious, and murderous.

With a precise surgical assault of the most brutal callousness, the band get down to their savage work with obvious enthusiasm. They blast, groove, grind, and tear their way through the material with a clear energy, one that’s well-channelled into their brutal music. Showing a decent amount of variety for a band like this, these tracks easily hold your interest as they basically try to pummel and slash you to death.

The songs all benefit from a strong production, and there’s no mercy shown across these 5 nasty tracks at all. Yep, Nervous Impulse are rapidly becoming one of my favourite grindcore acts.

Meat Cutting Floor. 5 tracks, 5 minutes.

Here’s a band that don’t mess around; short, focused songs with plenty of groove and speed. The only song here which breaches the 60 second mark is actually a Nervous Impulse cover.

There’s a lot of mid-paced riffing that’s very enjoyable, alongside some of the requisite faster sections of course. Meat Cutting Floor sound like the kind of band that are more than comfortable doing what they want, and this comes through in their obvious confidence.

I like the singer’s voice a lot. He growls his way through the material with near pignoise levels of barbarity, and he does this very well indeed. Some savage screams are included too.

Although Meat Cutting Floor’s contribution to this split is the shortest, it’s not without impact. Very enjoyable indeed.

Japanische Kampfhörspiele. 6 tracks, 15 minutes.

This is my first encounter with this veteran grindcore band, and they turn out to be a much more ragged and wild proposition in some ways than the previous two. The songs have an energetic punk influence to them that sees the tracks rage by all fists and fury.

Each of these tracks are, (apparently), rerecordings of older songs from their discography. Obviously I can’t judge how similar, (or not), they are to the originals, but I can say that they’re pretty damn good examples of how to cross death metal and hardcore influences well, without losing the vitality from either. It’s also a relatively diverse listen, with a lot of ground covered across this 15 minutes.

It’s enough to make me want to hear more from this band, that’s for sure.

Brud. 7 tracks, 14 minutes.

Closing the split we have Brud, who open up at full blast and treat us to some very tasty deathgrind. Their tracks fuse grindcore’s abrasive brevity with a brutal death metal influence that adopts a more traditional approach than any of the other bands on this split.

Brud’s tracks are concise and consistent, easily enjoyable, and full of gory carnage.

All of these bands have contributed enjoyable music to this 4 way split, and what’s more, they have done so in a way that highlights their own strengths and character. For all of their apparent similarities, (to the uninitiated), none of these bands really sound like any of the others at all, and anyone into brutal grindcore would be well-advised to track this down.

Highly recommended.

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